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Bright Lights In Big Cities

The stage at Swamplight Theatre was filled with young people from 8-19 when the Kay Butler Performing Arts Project campers hit the stage to present their show "Bright Lights in Big Cities." The show marked the end of their two weeks of camp. The atmosphere was electric with excitement from the campers and anticipation from their friends and families in the audience.

The campers took us on a musical journey along the highway with songs and dances and a few interspersed scenes ranging from "Magic in Me", "All My Exes Live in Texas", and "Good Morning Baltimore" to "Empire State of Mind". Of course, "Bright Lights, Big Cities" and "Life is a Highway" were also in the mix. The campers were truly excited to share all they had learned and done over the past two weeks. Their energy was non-stop.

After the final show, it was time to say goodbye to old friends and new friends too. Next summer we'll do it all over again......we'll have to wait to find out what the theme will be.

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