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In addition, to live theatre, Swamplight offers a variety of workshops, lessons, and camps for students interested in the performing arts. Scheduled in the evenings and during school holidays, programs range from acting and singing to music and movement. Whether you are just trying something new or preparing for the next big audition, you can shine in the spotlight at Swamplight.


There is a real need in our community for these types of programs. No matter what a child aspires to be, communication and self-expression are essential skills to help build self-confidence. We provide scholarships, funded by donations, to students who need financial assistance to enroll in our program. ​

*Scholarships and Internships may be available by special request.

Goals & Objectives

  • The purpose of our drama camps and workshops are to inspire and teach through a collective creativeness, culminating with a fun production in which every student is important and involved.

  • We will teach acting techniques, stage directions, choreography, music and singing at an appropriate level for each student to grow as a performer and as an individual.

  • We will create, and bring to life, scenes from words off of a page. We will study the art of improvisation through comedy and tragedy.

  • We will inspire one another to be the best we can be, to work together and lift each other up.

  • Each class will participate in a Showcase at the end of each semester. There are also performance opportunities in our main stage productions throughout the year that students are encouraged to audition for and participate in.

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