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Footloose Audition Information

Requirements for Auditions

Dates: Monday, April 24 & Tuesday, April 25

Callbacks: Wednesday, April 26

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Swamplight Theatre

Show Dates: July 22-30

Music: Please come prepared to sing 32 bars (30-60 seconds) of a song in the same genre of 80s pop. This can also include anything from broadway. A backup track is a plus but is not required.

Monologue: Please have a short monologue prepared to say from memory.

Dance: Please make note that there will be dance callbacks on the 26th. • Tumbling is a plus – be prepared! • Youths can be in flats or dance sneakers • All adults dance at the prom. Should be comfortable dancing in heels if auditioning for a female role.

Footloose Character Descriptions

Ren McCormack (Lead): Male, 18-25. Tenor. Energetic, emotional, rebellious, likable; emotes his pain through quirky sarcasm and dance; strong dancer.

Reverend Shaw Moore (Lead): Male, 35-55. Baritone. The powerful, traditional local church leader; strict, stern, and solemn, still struggling with the death of his son.

Ariel Moore (Lead): Female, 18-25. Mezzo-Pop. Smart, a bit of the bad girl with an edge, sweet, the rebellious minister’s daughter; the role requires a strong belt, and must be a strong singer/dancer.

Vi Moore (Supporting): Female, 30-50. Soprano. Reverend Moore’s loving, supportive, resilient wife.

Rusty (Supporting): Female, 18-25. Great soprano/pop voice. Ariel’s friend; is a bit scatterbrained, sweet, fun, and knows everything about everything; the role requires a strong belt, strong comedic timing, and dance.

Willard Hewitt (Supporting): Male, 18-25. Tenor. A simple country bumpkin with a warm heart and a big smile; comedic timing and dance are a must.

Ethel McCormack (Supporting): Female, 35-45. Soprano. Ren’s mother; had a tough go, just trying to make it…would do anything for her son.

Chuck Cranston (Supporting): Male, 18-25. Tenor. The local bad boy and Ariel’s boyfriend.

Urleen (Supporting): Female, 18+. Mezzo/Alto. Ariel’s friend; the smart one of the group; the role requires a strong belt, comedic timing, and dance.

Wendy Jo (Supporting): Female, 18-25. Mezzo. Ariel’s friend; strong belt, comedic timing, and dance required.

Ensemble (Chorus / Ensemble): Males & Females, 18-70. Townspeople, and students; need strong character people (all age ranges) for many roles (listed below); teenage through adults; chorus singing, dancing parts; all teens dance, and all adults dance at the prom.

Lulu Warnicker – Ren’s aunt

Wes Warnicker – Lulu’s husband

Coach Roger Dunbar – Gym teacher

Eleanor Dunbar – Roger’s Wife

Lyle – Chuck’s buddy

Travis – Chuck’s buddy

Principal Harry Clark

Betty Blast – Owner of the Burger Blast

Jeter – Ren’s friend

Bickle – Ren’s friend

Garvin – Ren’s friend

Cowboy Bob/Cop

High School Students

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