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Spring Showcase 2024

There was excitement in the air as our young performing artists took the stage to put into practice some of the skills they worked on in their workshops.

The Children's Choir performed Oompa Loompa, When the Saints Go Marching In, and Blackbird. Choir members included Amelia Norman, Annabelle Henson, Camilla Henson, Emilia Vallot, and MaciLyn Rohner.

The Production Acting Intensive participants who performed monologues were MacKenzie Cochran, Hannah Dominguez, Sam Mercke, and Tyler Ridgedell.

Ballet participants Annabelle Henson, Camilla Henson, Emilia Vallot, Isla Daniels, and MaciLyn Rohner danced to Count on Me.

Music participants taking one-on-one workshops and performing were pianists Kevin Bateman, Walker Richardson, Brock Wiggins, and vocalists Audrey Gros, Brock Wiggins, MaciLyn Rohmer, and Emilia Vallot.

Musical Theatre B performed “This Is Me” featuring Abigail Helminak, Ava Johnson, Avery Norman, Emerson Lafont, Emilia Vallot, Emmalee Ballay, Jailyn Menard, Kyra Pait, MaciLyn Rohner, Meredith Skalican, Paisley Morgan, and Parker Kinler.

Tap dancers were Annabelle Henson, Camilla Henson, Emilla Vallot, Isla Daniels, and MaciLyn Rohner.

Musical Theatre (A) participants Amelia Norman, Audrey Gros, Austin Whaley, and Julianna Lynch took the stage with I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, and Under the Sea.

Children’s Acting participants presented 3 scenes featuring Amelia Norman, Ava Johnson, Camille Patti, Parker Kinler, Addison Drake, Avery Norman, Cambre Commander, Emilia Vallot, Bette Savarino, Eva Wells, MaciLyn Rohner, and Paisley Morgan.

Hip Hop dancers performing “TTYLXOX” were Ava Johnson, Avery Norman, Jailyn Menard, Kyra Pait, and MaciLyn Rohner.

Individual Tap was performed by Anderson Brumfield.

Audiences at both performances were delighted watching our future Swamplighters shine!

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