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Campers Take The Spotlight In Rewind Through The Years

The stage was filled with excitement as the Kay Butler Performing Arts Project Campers took to the stage for their drama camp production of Rewind Through the Years. The show was a compilation of songs, dances, and bits taken from previous camp shows as the campers took a look back.

Ages 8-19 took the stage together and worked as a unit regardless of experience. It was like a family reunion as former campers came back to serve as camp leaders and counselors while some of our teens served as interns. It was great for the audience to see some of our former campers and how they have progressed while friends and family of the younger campers got a glimpse of what the future holds.

Memories flooded back for some as old favorites were brought back to life by the group. We heard a John Denver classic, watched 99 Red Balloons Go By, smiled as the bathtub (complete with Rubber Ducky) crossed the stage, and bounced in our chairs to Telephone. Wonderful memories were shared by all.

The end of the show saw happy campers, happy parents, and delighted audience members as it was a high-energy display of talent shared joyfully.

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