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Disco Balls, Divas and Dinner! Disco Inferno of Love was REDHOT!

Colored lights, spinning disco balls, and dance music set the scene for Wilbur, Edna, and the Divas to perform their show "Disco Inferno of Love" at Swamplight Theatre earlier this month. Attendees were treated to a dinner of salad and a choice of artisan handmade pasta dishes prepared by Chef Wesley of Rogue Gastronomy and finished the night with Barbie's special bread pudding.  

While Wilbur and Edna kept the banter going between each other and the Divas, the jokes (and yes, some were corny) were flying between songs. The audience joined the show by hitting the dance floor for the “Hustle." One young man celebrated his 19th birthday in style, tripping the light fantastic with the Divas!  

The big hair, heels, sparkling costumes, that distinct disco sound --and the yummy food--all contributed to a night that saw lots of smiling faces dancing their way out the door with shouts of "we'll be back next year". We'll have to wait until then to find out what theme Wilbur, Edna, and the Divas will bring our way.

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