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Fairy Tales and Frogs a Fun Time for All

Fairy Tales and Frogs campers had a fun-filled week singing, dancing, and making crafts. Campers made a variety of keepsakes to take home to remember their time at camp. Creative juices flowed as they made puppets, decorated hats, colored a scene, decorated Mardi Gras masks, and made dragonflies. They even learned songs and choreography to perform for their families on the last day.

Friday morning found the campers excited to show off for their families and even some of them in costume. Parents and families arrived just before the end of camp as our campers took the stage. Princess Tiana made an appearance singing "Almost There" and was joined by our campers for the end of the song. Baby Tiana, Baby Charlotte, and the Frog also made appearances, and just like in all fairy tales, there was a happy ending as the frog turned into a handsome prince. Finally, our campers closed the show with a rousing version of "Zipity Do Dah."

It was a magical week for our young campers and staff. See you next summer!

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