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Footloose Cast Announced!

Swamplight Theatre will be cuttin’ loose July 21, 22, 28 & 29, with its production of Footloose. Joining the production team of Kendel Smith - Director, Wendy Savarino - Music Director, Chloe Vallot - Choreographer, and Haley Pigott - Stage Manager is a host of Swamplight veterans and newcomers. Get ready to dance in your seat when you see this cast.

Footloose Cast

Travis Kendrel Luster

Wendy Jo Brooklyn Kling

Ren McCormack Matthew Pickrell

Jeter Reagan Peppo

Ethel McCormack Taleya Jordan

Reverend Shaw Moore Michael Dubret

Vi Moore Rebekah Pait

Ariel Moore Hadassah Patterson

Lulu Warnicker Melissa Cortez

Wes Warnicker Toby Cortez

Coach Roger Dunbar Eric Aymond

Eleanor Dunbar Danalyn LeBlanc

Rusty Harmony Wood

Urleen Stephanie Schiro

Chuck Cranston Remy Dubret

Lyle Matthew (Goose) McNeese

Cop Owen Grubbs