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FOOTLOOSE - Cut Loose!

Swamplight Theatre's production of Footloose played to full houses as there was excitement in the cast and community about the show. The demand for tickets exceeded the number available in the scheduled performances, so the theatre added an extra matinee performance on the final day, and it sold out too.

The show was a culmination of an effort by the cast, crew, production team, and theatre that began rehearsals in mid-May and worked to bring a quality show that showcased the talent in the area to the community. While many will remember the movie, the play script is not a word-for-word recounting. Many of the hit songs are still there with some new ones added. What has not changed is the dancing; cast members were required to sing, dance, and act throughout the show at the same time. This show was fast-paced, high energy, funny, and touching all at once.

We are grateful for the reception the production received from the community and the exciting experience it was for us all. The summer of '23 is one we will not soon forget.

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